Spartan Race & Prep Course

  The time has come where we will be doing a Spartan Race! Some of you have completed a few races and many of you …

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Why Should My Kids Exercise If They Already Play Sports?

  Varied Activity Helps Kids Become Better Athletes Unlike the typical sports your child may be doing, we focus on getting stronger, living a healthy …

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Strength: The Base of All Fitness

For years many coaches in CrossFit circles insisted that conditioning should take precedence over strength work; some of the biggest names promote this mantra. I know I …

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Alcohol and Your Goals

Maybe one of your New Year’s resolutions was to be consistent with diet and exercise. Awesome! When setting out to work on this resolution, there …

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Back Pain? It’s Probably Not A Disc Issue!

According to many studies, up to 85% of people in the United States will have an episode with low back pain.  In fact, low back …

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Research Rapid Fire – Does Stretching Work To Prevent Injuries?

This may not be news to some and confirmation to others, but there are better uses of your time than stretching to prevent injuries according …

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What About Cardio?

In a previous article, I addressed some peoples desire to add more “cardio” (usually running) to their weekly training because they don’t fully understand training with …

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Volume vs. Intensity

  Be impressed by intensity, not volume. – Greg Glassman   One of the hardest things for people to grasp about CrossFit training is the …

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19.1 is. . .

  The Open is here!   CrossFit HQ has changed some things if you didn’t know. They’ve pulled back their media dept. to the point …

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How To Deal With Setbacks

Bad days and setbacks are a part of life. Setbacks will happen. They’ll come in different forms. And when they do, it’ll seem like the …

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